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PGM Dress Forms Free Shipping 2018

Dress Forms USA Professional Dress Form New York

PGM newly updated Industry Grade Dress Form 2018, paper-fiber material, strongly hold pins, much help draping design. This newly updated dress forms are with 2 short legs, this double functions enable you to design lingerie system (see image).

Dress Form USA Professional Dress Forms

PGM New Functional Dress Form with Collapsible Shoulder plus Body 3D Adjustable, size 2, 8, 14, 36, 4C, 7G, will launch merket soon. You will be happy to enjoy this new function.

3D Body Adjustable Dress Form, 3D Body Scaner Professional Dress Forms


PGM Adjustable Dress Form

PGM Industry Grade Adjustable Dress Form 2017

  • Paper-Fiber Material, 100% warranty no shrinkage problem
  • Natural body shaped with realistic buttock
  • Easily and smoothly adjust to any size
  • Pin-able, strongly hold pins, much assist your draping design
  • With heavy duty cast iron base, 4 wheels movable
  • Height adjustable easily by stepping the foot pedal
  • ​Industry Grade Adjustable Dress Form can adjust Back Neck to Back Waist, Front Neck to Front Waist.
  • Excellent Fitting System in the fashion industry

PGM Industry Grade Adjustable Dress Form, Professional Dress Form USA


PGM Professional Family Sewing Adjustable Dress Form 2017

  • Professional Family SewingAdjustable Dress Form, made by very strong material
  • Natural body shaped with realistic buttock
  • Pin-able, easily and smooth adjust to any size
  • Excellent Fitting System in the fashion industry
  • Professional Family Sewing Adjustable Dress Form can adjust Back Neck to Back Waist, Front Neck to Front Waist.



Highest Quality Dress Form, Professional Dress Forms, US #1 Brand Female Professional Dress Form

PGM Industry Grade Dress Form launched market now!!

The industry grade dress forms hip measurement must be 1/2" (or up) larger than professional dress form, covered by durable high density felt (not by sponge or foam), and with 100% pure linen.

PGM Color Design Dress Form Mannequin 2017, worldwide delivery

PGM Color Dress Form Mannequins

PGM Flexible Curve Rulers (Snake Ruler): 12 inch/30cm, 16 inch/40cm, 20 inch/50cm, 24 inch/60cm, ...... etc., accept quantity order, ship worldwide 2017.

PGM Flexible Curve Rulers, Snake Ruler

PGM Half Scale Missy Dress Forms and Half Scale Men Dress Forms with heavy duty cast iron base 2017.

PGM Half Scale Missy Dress Form, Half Scale Man Dress Form         PGM Half Scale Dress Forms


PGM Fashion Student Kits and Fashion Designer Kits including PGM special designed thick transparent pattern grading rulers, Hip Curve Rulers and French Curve Ruler as well as fashion pattern making tools, such as pattern shears, fabric scissors, rabbit punch, tracing wheel, pattern notcher, measuring tape, pattern hooks, safety draping pins. Economic fashion design tool set.

Professional Fashion Student Kits A1Professional Fashion Student Kit A2 Professional Fashion Student Kit B1Professional Fashion Student Kit B2 Professional Fashion Student Kits C1 Professional Fashion Student Kits C2 Professional Fashion Designer Kits D1 Professional Fashion Designer Kits D2

PGM new designed Pattern Making Rabbit Punch in heavy duty aluminum, punch holes in pattern cardboard 3/4"  diameter (19mm) 2015. PGM Pattern Hooks, 144pcs.
Toll Free: 1-888-818-1991

PGM Fashion Pattern Making Rabbit Punch, Pattern Making Hooks PGM Fashion Pattern Making Rabbit Punch, 3/4 inch holesPGM Fashion Making Pattern Hooks


PGM New Professional Draping Tape 2015, high quality, 3/32" in width only, can works on any dress forms line up.

PGM Professional Draping Tape, 3/32" width Line up dress form with PGM professional draping tape, 3/32" width

PGM Dress Form Worldwide Education Sponsorship Program 2015, PGM Dress Form Fashion Student Show Sponsorship Program 2015 and PGM Dress Form Apparel Design Students Support Program 2015 start accepting application now. If you're interested in joining the program, contact 1-888-818-1991.

The History of Dress Form
PDM (Professional Draping Model) in the world

                                      Dress Form History           Vintage Wire Dress Form History
                                      Queen Victoria in her mourning attire (c.1870s)

As far back as ancient Egypt and right through Medieval times, Kings and Queens were concerned about their appearance. Being the subject of many a painting, they of course wanted to look their best. However, a dress fitting would involve them stripping down to their underwear, or further. In order to avoid embarrassment they would have ‘dress forms ‘ made in their exact body dimensions. Tailors and dressmakers would then use these dress forms to create clothing for royalty and display it them easily once complete. This crude dress form was designed to avoid fitting embarrassments to the kings and queens.

In the 1700s wickerwork mannequins were in use. They were built out of wicker and filled with leather and stuffing to give them shape. The first wickerwork mannequins appeared in the mid-to late-eighteenth century and were made to order. In 1835 wire-framed mannequins came into use, a Parisian ironmonger introduced a wirework model, and it was in France in the mid-nineteenth century that the first fashion mannequins were developed, but they were still only used by tailors and dressmakers as dress forms. It wasn’t until a few years later, when several major changes in technology and manufacturing occurred, that we began to see the emergence of the mannequin as we know it today. 

Historical Mannequin  Historical Mannequins  Vintage Mannequins
The first fashion mannequins were made in France in the mid-19th century

 Tailoring in 18th century
                                             Tailoring, Measuring, fitting on real human body

After mid-19 century, the first adjustable dress form was made in USA (New York, Chicago) for tailors and designers to practice their design, tailoring and fitting.

Adjustable Dress Form History Vintage Adjustable Dress Form Antique Adjustable Dress Form

In 20 century, the first 3D Professional Draping Model (PDM) with collapsible shoulder (Dress Form) was made in USA (New York). This PDM Dress Form becomes an essential tools since then, to help a designer create clothes that look good on and off the body. It can also help the designer get an idea of how to cut the fabric according to a certain shape without always having to rely on a live model. This is especially helpful when you are creating a piece for yourself. When developing the vision of the clothing, the designer can figure out where to make improvements according to how the clothing fits on the Dress Form.

A professional draping model (PDM) can have a variety of different attributes including having shoulders that are wider or narrower. In addition, it may have shoulders that are collapsible. Instead of some mannequins having a buttocks that is a solid rounded form, some may have a buttocks more true to the form of a female to give the designer a more realistic view of how the dress will fit around a woman’s natural curves.

PDM (Professional Draping Model, or called "Dress Form") is the standard tool for fashion designers in the world.  It  must be very similar or fully same as the human real natural body shape. Each part of measurement of this Dress Form should meet the most human real natural body measurements, in a word, this is a movable real human body shaped model, it helps the fashion designers to easily create their different fashion style design with draping muslin fabric and practice fitting on it in anywhere. This movable real human body shaped model also helps fashion educators to teach or training fashion students how to draping design in class.

PDM (Professional Draping Model) and PGM Natural Body Dress Form

In the year 1999, PGM revolutionized the traditional dress form (with flat hip), launching the very first dress form which is with a realistic hip and buttock shape.  Up to now, it has been 15 years, more than more fashion educators recognize that the realistic buttock hip shaped dress form much help students to design the party dress, evening gown, bridal gown ......., especially fitting tight clothing design.  

 PGM Dress Forms Natural Body Shaped with realistic buttock                Dress Form Fitting

Draping on Real Human Model or on Natural Body Dress Form

Advantage of draping is that the designer can see the overall design effect of the finished garment on the body form before the garment piece is cut and sewn. Draping can be made on a real Human model or on a natural body dress form.

      Musling Draping on real human model  Muslin Draping on PGM Natural Body Dress Form
      Draping on real human model            Draping on PGM Natural Body Dress Form

Historical Tailoring and Sewing Tools
Historical Tailoring, Sewing Tools Historical Sewing Machine

The year 1980, Apparel CAD (Computer Added Design) get into fashion industry market. This Apparel CAD consist of the module of Pattern Design, Grading, Auto Grading, Marker Making and Auto Marker...... there are several brand CAD: Gerber system (USA), Lectra system (France), Tuka CAD system (USA/India), Optitex system (USA/Israel), PAD system (Canada/HongKong), PGM DoCAD system (China/Taiwan).......
Apparel CAD system

In 21 century, 3D module of apparel CAD system started in market, updated from 2D to 3D, which allow fashion designers to design in 3D that try to simulate cloth, but, cloth simulation is never good enough to inspire faith in how the design will look, so, some designers took the opposite approach of not trying to simulate cloth digitally at all. All 3D systems are still under developing and updating.
Apparel CAD 3D module

22 century, think about, Robot designer is coming :-) :-) ...... , but, the Professional Draping Model (PDM), called Dress Form still the non-replaced essential tools for fashion designer to process their design idea and apparel draping.
PGM Robot Apparel Designers in 22 century, Fashion Designer


PGM specialized in manufacturing DRESS FORMS in California since 1983.  We are one of the leading DRESS FORM  manufacturer in the United States.  PGM has pursuit nothing but excellence in our products, we spent countless years before we launched in 1983, we researched and studied the craft of constructing dress form from scratch.  Our passion and our quest for the perfect size & shape of a professional form makes us the leader in today's fashion industry. 

PGM's Mission to pursuit of perfection in our Dress Forms, so we can continue to service both fashion institutions and designers around the globe in the years to come!

PGM Headquater located in:
5041 Heintz St,
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(On I-605 - In between I-10 & I-210)
(East of Live Oak exsit)

PGM Dress Form Warehouse

With most large warehouse in L.A. California U.S.A., all PGM Dress Form system are quality controled, assembled, packaged and shipping from here. The large warehouse enable PGM have full size range dress form and pattern making tools in stock to support and accommondate all dealers & customer's request. 

PGM Office Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
PGM Office Los Angeles California

PGM Show Room Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

PGM Show Room Los Angeles California
PGM Show Room Los Angeles California
PGM Show Room Los Angeles California

PGM Dress Forms' Past, Present & Future since 1983

PGM incorporates in Los Angeles downtown, we established our very first sewing institution and start manufacturing our very first Professional PGM Dress Form.

After 4 years of successful operation, PGM started the second sewing institution in downtown Los Angeles, serving local students & designers.  Our Fashion courses expand from basic sewing to more advanced pattern-making & draping.  PGM also trains, educates, and guarantees job placement for our graduates. 

PGM added Children Dress Forms to our existing product line of Missy dress form.

PGM's grand opening of the third fashion college in Rosemead, CA  - - PGM International Fashion College USA , we continue our quest to teach fundamental's of pattern-making & draping to the public, especially updated courses to CAD system studying & training - - an integrated fashion software including pattern design, grading, marker layout.

PGM startes Thanksgiving Action of Giving Back to Society  - -  Worldwide Education Sponsorship Program to the fashion colleges/institutes/universities internationally.

PGM philosophy of Worldwide Education Sponsorship Program is to not only dedicate to local education within the United States, but also to other countrie educations internationally, especially to those developing countries as well as non-developed countries, who are eagering for a help on education.

Recommended by the Education Office of Chinese Consulate-General in Los Angeles, PGM first cooperated with ChinaTextileUniversity (As of today, its name changed to Shanghai Dong Hua University) regarding education sponsorship program.

PGM opens its first international CAD branch office in Shanghai Dong Hua University, China.

Dec. 1994
PGM donated CAD system as well as the ancillary equipment: plottors, digitizers to ShanghaiDongHuaUniversity.

PGM set up the first PGM CAD system training center in ShanghaiDongHuaUniversity for edcuation purposes.

Jan. 1996
PGM opens its branch company - - Shanghai PGM in Shanghai, China. Our company becomes the premier CAD distributor for the top 5 world class CAD systems with IOLINE plotters USA and Numonics Digitizer USA.  Our system served around the globe, primarily in United States and Asian countries.

PGM donated CAD system as well as the ancillary equipment: plottors, digitizers to Beijing Fashion Universities.

PGM opens its second international CAD branch office and set up the second CAD system training center in BeijingFashionUniversity.

PGM donated to Dalian Polytechic University, TianJin Textile University, TianJin Academy of Fine Arts, XiaMen Lu Jiang University, Guang Dong Zhong Shan University.

PGM opens its branch offices in GuangZhou, XiaMen, China.  Our system has proven to be success in fashion industry

PGM revolutionizes the world of traditional dress forms, launching our very first dressmaker tailor form with a “realistic” hip and buttock shape.  We are the pioneer in this design and this became an instant fame & a global dress form standard in the industry! 

PGM launched Industry Pro & Professional model for full range sizes of Missy, Junior, Men, Young Men, Large Women, Children, Girls, Boys, and toddlers as well as for students practice miniature dress form.

Along with our complete selections of dress forms, PGM also launched Display Dress Form, as well as Garment Rack & Store Fixtures!  Our unique, one of the kind merchandises become a popular fixture in many boutique stores!

PGM moves our Los Angeles corporate office to a newly renovated 20,000 square feet facility on 4th street and Alameda in downtown, Los Angeles.  This is also the year we started manufacturing Paper Mache Hangers, the first paper-made hanger in the world.

PGM purchases a 60,000 square feet distribution facility in Baldwin Park, CA, our current location has a huge showroom open to the public.

PGM will be introducing ECO Paper Mache Dress FormECO Paper-Mache Mannequin and ECO Paper-Mache Hangers in November, 2012.  These products are environmental friendly and made of 100% Paper-Mache!

PGM Dress Forms assembling in USA warehouse,  update quality control in USA. 

PGM newly designed Antique Dress Form get into market.

PGM newly designed Color Dres s Form & Crazy Color Dress Form, service to special request customers.

Since 1995, we have operated successfully on 2 continents.  We are where we are today because of our rich history of fashion education in garments, construction and design, and demonstrated expertise in the field.

PGM Dress Forms has become the leading manufacturer of not only dressmaker tailor forms but also pattern-making tools and supplies

For almost 3 decades, we have dedicated ourselves to evolve with the industry as well as the needs of our clients. Our dedication to learn and master the fashion garment industry is the driving force behind our continued success in producing high quality products and services while staying innovative and reliable. We are forever grateful for our never-ending list of clientele and dealers who keep us motivated to do our best every day.

PGM commitment does not end here, PGM also offer plenty of opportunity to give back to the society.  PGM Worldwide Educational Sponsorship Program, which include PGM Dress Form Education SponsorshipPGM Dress Form Fashion Show Sponsorship and PGM Dress Form Outstanding Young Designer Award.  PGM believes in giving back, as we donate to hundreds of universities around the world on a yearly basis and we will continue to do so in the future!

PGM PGM Continue PGM