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PGM Lingerie Dress Form, Victoria Secret, Bra

PGM Lingerie Dress Form, Band size (under bust measurement + 5") reference cup B.  Custom made cup C, D, E, F......

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Measure your bra step 1, 2, 3, get to know your bra & cup size

PGM Lingerie Dress Form, Measure you bra

Step 1:

Chest measurement (#1 in the picture). Measure your chest wearing your regular, unpadded bra. Place the measuring tape around your chest and under your arms. Hold the tape measure snugly, but not too tightly, and level to the floor. Stand up straight and breathe normally. This measurement is your chest measurement. Since band sizes come only in even numbers, round up an odd measurement. For example, if the band measurement is 39 inches, then round up to 40 inches.

Step 2: 
Rib cage measurement (#2 in the picture). Place the measuring tape around your rib cage under your breasts. Hold the tape measure snugly, but not too tightly, and level to the floor. Stand up straight and breathe normally. It is important to measure only the rib cage and not any breast tissue. If your breasts are sagging even a little bit in your current bra you should lift them up to ensure an accurate measurement. This is your rib cage measurement.

Step 3: 
Bust measurement (#3 in the picture). Still wearing your bra, bring the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts, right over the nipples. Make sure the tape measure is level around your body and don’t pull it too tight. If the bra you are wearing does not position your breasts like you want them to be use the bra straps to pull them up to their ideal spot before measuring. Obviously this is not possible to do by yourself so enlist some help. This is your bust measurement.

Band size = under bust measurement  + 5"

Cup Size (method A): Subtract your rib band size from your bust measurement (#3). This will determine your cup size, as shown in our chart below. So if the band measurement is 40 and bust measurement is 45, the difference is 5 inches, which means your cup size is E and your bra size is 40E.

Difference between
rib band and bust

Cup Size

1 inch


2 inches


3 inches


4 inches


5 inches

E (DD)

6 inches


7 inches


8 inches



 Cup Size (method B):
How to measure your bra, PGM Bridal Dress Form

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