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PGM How to Measure Female Body

How to Measure Female Body

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How to measure female body

For skirts we generally only need the waist size (G), hip measurement (I), and the distance vertically between waist and hip (E to F).

For jackets we need the following measurements: Bust (H), waist size (G), back width (P to Q), nape to waist (A to B), chest (N to O), shoulder (K to L), top arm (W), armhole depth (A to X), front shoulder to waist (Y to C), sleeve length (L to M)

H - bust. Measure round the body at the fullest part of the bust, making sure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

G - waist size. After taking this measurement, tie a piece of string firmly round the waist. This allows vertical measurements to be taken more accurately.

I - hips. Measure the widest part. This is generally between 15cm and 21cm down from the waistline.

P to Q - back width. Measure 15cm down from the neck bone at the centre back and then across the back from where one arm meets the body to where the other arm meets the body.

N to O - chest. Measure the chest 7cm down from the neck point at the centre front (armhole to armhole).

J - neck. Measure the base of the neck touching the front collar bone.

K to L - shoulder. Measure from the neck to the shoulder bone.

W - top arm. With the arm bent, measure the bicep.

V - wrist. Make this measurement quite loose and comfortable.

A to B - nape to waist. Measure from the neck bone at the centre back to the string tied around the waist.

Y to C - front shoulder to waist. Measure from the centre of the front shoulder, over the bust point (nipple), to the waist.

A to X - armhole depth. This is generally a standard measurement, but if the arm or shoulder is well developed, this measurement is well worth having. Place a tape measure or piece of string across the back under the arms and measure down from the neck bone to the centre of the tape.

E to F - waist to hip. This is also generally a standard measurement, but, again, it's worth having. Measure from the string tied around the waist down to the fullest part of the hips.

C to D - waist to desired length of garment (applicable for certain skirt designs and for CP1 coats).

T to U - inside leg.

R to S - waist to floor. Measure from the waist to the floor at the centre back.

1 to 2 - body rise. Sit on a hard chair and have someone else take the measurement at the side from your waist to the chair.

L to M - sleeve length. Place the hand on the hip so the arm is bent. Measure from the shoulder bone, over the elnbow and down to the wristbone to where you want the sleeve to end.

By Jed Phoenix

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