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PGM How to Measure Junior Body and Bra

How to Measure Junior Body and Bra

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HOW TO MEASURE Junior Body and BRA

1. Waist: 
    This is usually part of your torso, a good way to find your waist point is to tie a string around the waist,
    not to tightly, move
 it around a little and the string should naturally sit on your waist.

2. Under Bust: 
    This measurement should be taken around the rib cage directly under the bust.

3. Bust:

    Take this measurement around the fullest part of the bust by passing the tape around your back and
    across the front to the nipples in a straight line.

4. Over Bust:
    Take this measurement exactly 1inch above where you took the bust measurement.

5. Top Hip: 
    This is usually around where the top of the hip bone is and across the fullest part of the stomach.

6. Lower Hip: 
    This is usually the fuller part of the hips which is fairly low down under the hip bone.

7. Bust Points: 
    This measurement is the distance between your nipples.

8. Waist to Bust: 
    Holding the top of the tape measure at the fullest point of the bust, letting it hang downwards to
    the waist this measurement is needed.

9. Waist to Under Bust: 
    Measure the vertical distance between the waist and the under side of the bust.

10. Waist to Top Hip: 
      The straight measurement from the side of the waist to the top of the hip bone.

11. Waist to Lower Hip: 
       Measure from the side of your waist down to the lower side of the hip bone.

12. Waist to Under Arm:
       Measure from your under arm where you would like the corset to fit the waist.

13. Shoulder Straps:
       Measure nipple point to half way across the shoulder for strap lengths.

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