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PGM How to Measure Male Body

How to Measure Male Body

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How to Measure Male Body

For the Self Tailoring strap, the Self Tailoring laced and the Twist of English Empire trousers, we generally only need the following measurements as a guide: Trouser waist (H), seat (I), body rise (R to S) and inside leg (T to U).

For jackets, coats and waistcoats, the following are required: Chest (F), front chest (between the two red dots just above the chest line. The front chest is a horizontal line 18cm down from K, and from where the left arm meets the body to where the right arm meets the body), natural waist length (A to B), half back (D to E), natural waist (G), neck (J), shoulder (K to L), sleeve length (L to M), wrist (V), top arm (W), scye depth (A to X).
Any questions, please feel free to contact us or come and visit us at one of the many events we attend around the country to be measured by Jed in person.

G - natural waist. Tie a piece of string around the natural waistline. This makes vertical measurements more accurate.

A to B - natural waist length. Measure from the bone at the nape of the neck to the waistline.

A to C - desired length of garment. This measurement is generally applicable to CP1 coats.

D to E - half across back. Measure from centre back (15cm down from nape) to the position of the sleeve seam at the back scye (armhole).

F - chest. Place the tape under the arms and around the body at chest level. Make sure the arms are down and the tape measure passes over the shoulder blades when taking this measurement.

H - trouser waist position. This is generally 4cm down from the natural waistline.

I - seat. Measure around the fullest part of the seat, usually 21cm down from the waistline.

J - neck. Measure round the base of the neck quite loosely.

K to L - shoulder. Measure from the base of the neck to the shoulder bone.

L to M - sleeve length for one piece sleeve. With the hand on the hip, so the arm is bent, measure from the shoulder bone to where you want the sleeve to end.

P to Q - side seam length for trousers. Measure from the waist to the heel seam of shoe.

R to S - body rise. Whilst sitting on a hard chair, have someone measure from the waist to the top of the seat of the chair.

T to U - inside leg. Measure from high in the crutch to the heel seam of shoe.

V - wrist.

W - top arm. Measure whilst the arm is bent.

A to X - scye depth. This is generally a standard measurement, but if the arm or shoulder is well developed, this measurement is well worth having. Place a tape measure or piece of string across the back under the arms and measure down from the neck bone to the centre of the tape.

By Jed Phoenix

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